Crystal Dreaming is a blissful empowering form of healing. Become certified to offer healings and become part of the Crystal Dreaming community for ongoing support and development. Rachel is qualified to train others in becoming Crystal Dreaming practitioners. Courses are held in Melbourne twice a year. Next course scheduled: December 1, 2 and 3, 2017

Crystal Dreaming

An advanced crystal healing technique

A safe shamanic journey into your full potential to awaken into full awareness of the Divine and the beautiful being of light that you are.

Energetic and astral clearing of physical spaces. In quantum physics the whole universe is composed of energy. Everything that has ever happened in a building/space remains in the energetic field like layers of dust. A space clearing utilises smudging, sound, and astra level and crystal dreaming clearing techniques.

Rachel utilises, crystal singing bowls, chimes, pan drums and tuning forks to create an environment conducive to relaxation and healing creating a vibrational massage all the way to your cells.. Biophysicist researcher Gerald Oster discovered that when a tone is played in one ear and a slightly different tone is played in the other ear,…